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Zionism and Israel- Issues and Answers (FAQ)

Questions and answers about Zionism, Israel, the Israeli-Palestinian (Palestine-Israel, Middle East) Conflict

The condensed version - (not be updated)  - Zionism and Israel- FAQ - Issues and Answers

 In French:  Sionisme et l'Israel : Questions et réponses (FAQ)  

These pages should not exist. No person should have to apologize for existing or explain why they have a right to exist, and no people should have to apologize for existing.

Anti-Zionism challenges the Jewish people to explain why we too have a right to exist - as good a right as the Palestinians or the Iranians or the Americans or the Germans.

Herein are replies.

When the last Anti-Zionist has vanished from the Earth, we will have no need for these pages.

These pages are:

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Download: This presentation about The Refugee Problem outlines the differences in status for Palestinian Refugees and all others.

Israel Advocacy Handbook - Making the Case for Israel - The Case for Israel, Introduction , Concepts & Definitions, Basics, Audience, Forming Opinions, Narratives and Issues, Language, Applying the Basics, Techniques & Tactics, Grass Roots Activism, Cooperation, Using the Web, Proactive Advocacy, Anti-Israel Narrative, Zionist Narrative, Web Use Guide, Grass Roots Guide

Download the Israel Advocacy handbook as a PDF File


Was Israel guilty of "war crimes" in Gaza? 

Israel's Operation “Cast Lead” – Legal Humanitarian Aspects

BBC Interview of Col Richard Kemp discussing IDF operations in Gaza

International Law and Military Operations in Practice

Prosecuting Hamas for War Crimes

Gaza victims describe how they were used by Hamas

Hamas war crimes in Gaza

What is the Marxist view of Zionism based upon?

Isn't the occupation the cause of the conflict and violence?

Zionism is Racism - true or false?

Is the Israeli law of return racist?

Is Israel an Apartheid State?

Is all criticism of Israel anti-Semitism?

The Refugee Issue

Does Zionist Expulsion of the Arabs of Palestine make Zionism Racist?

Why shouldn't Palestinian Arabs have the Right of Return?

Right of Return of Palestinian Refugees in International Law

Why didn't Jews return to Palestine before Zionism- or did they?

Did the Zionists plan to dispossess the Arabs of Palestine?

Is Israel an expansionist state?

Are Jews descended from Khazars and does it matter?

Was Israel founded because of the Holocaust?

Isn't a one-state democratic secular state solution best?

Why should Jews have a state based on a religion?

Isn't Israel unsafe for Jews?

Is Israel perpetrating a Holocaust against the Arabs of Palestine?

Why doesn't Israel withdraw from the Occupied territories if it wants peace?

Shouldn't Palestinians have a legitimate right to resist occupation?

What's wrong with boycotts and divestment initiatives?

Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries

Who is oppressing the Palestinians?

Whose Country - Did the British promise Palestine to the Arabs?

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs FAQ on Israeli Policy and Israel

Who didn't want peace?

The Church's Witness on Issues in the Arab/Israeli Conflict


WUJS Handbook - Defending Zionism and Israel - Introduction and Main Page

Antisemitism (Anti-Semitism), Anti-Zionism, and Israel

Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism, and Israel -II

Media Bias Toward Israel

Seven Characteristics of Propaganda

Personal Politics in Israel Advocacy

Accusations and Rebuttals:

The Collapse of the Peace Process And the Road Back to Peace

Camp David 2000 - And After


The Palestinian Refugees

The Jewish Right to Israel

Israel in the Middle East


UN Campaign to Delegitimize Israel

UN Commission on Human Rights

Question of Palestine: Regrettably, the UN Remains Inhospitable to Israel

Question of Palestine: UN Bodies Undermine Chances for Middle East Peace:




Separation Barrier, Closures and Checkpoints in “Occupied Palestinian Territories” and Postscript to the International Court of Justice Decision on the Barrier


 Israeli personality Mehereta Baruch and American-Israeli basketball star LaVon Mercer tell us Zionism is not racism.

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More About Zionism:

Zionism and the Creation of Israel

More Commentary about Zionism

Zionism and its Impact

Zionist Quotes

Not in My Name - Don't Let Extremists Hijack Zionism

Was Israel Founded Because of the Holocaust??

The Two State Solution is the only solution for peace

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