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Kosher Jobs in the United States

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Kosher Jobs in the United States

Today, up to 50% of products in the U.S. supermarkets are kosher certified. That way, the foods can accommodate the strict requirements of at least one million observant Jews in a country with a population of 331 million people.
And, when you prefer to work from home legitimate jobs and paid surveys, kosher jobs provide you with an ideal avenue to financial freedom as you spend more time with your family and friends. Here are some top kosher jobs and paid surveys you may want to try in 2020:

Kosher Butcher

A kosher butcher works in a grocery store or meat shop helping each buyer to find the perfect cut that meets their orders. That is, they will cut, grind, and prepare meat orders to the client’s satisfaction.  Plus, keep records, maintain the display area cleanly and attractively, and handle all the inventory, budgets, and pricing duties.
The Kosher butcher will adhere to the strict way of handling meat as stipulated by the Jewish law. It is about how to prepare it, what to foods to add for that unique taste, or what dishes are permissible to go with the meat.

Kosher Chef Jobs

Kosher chefs peg their cooking skills and food service on the Jewish dietary laws. For this, they undergo a kosher training program apart from their regular catering training. Next, the kosher chef must have a background in cooking and running a food service business the kosher way. This professional experience comes through on-the-job training in a kosher run restaurant or eatery.
If you decide to run your kosher food place, you must adhere to the local zoning, safety, and sanitation laws. In the restaurant, the kosher chefs can also prepare non –kosher foods. Only, they are forbidden from tasting it. Also, all their final dishes must be inspected by a kosher supervisor.

Empire Kosher Jobs

Empire Kosher is the world’s largest processor of kosher poultry products. Located in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, the company has been manufacturing various chicken and turkey products in a socially responsible and natural way for the last 75 years. It packages deli and meat products, whether cooked, frozen, or fresh.
Empire Kosher employs at least 65 rabbis at its chicken farms. These rabbis handle at least 225,000 chickens each week, distributing them to supermarkets, butcher shops, and club stores all over the United States. It features top salaries, work and life balance, and opportunities for career advancement.

Kosher Home Care Giver

A kosher home caregiver job calls for specialized home care services for Jewish seniors. It is about understanding and valuing the Jewish requirements in looking after seniors. For example, the caregiver prepares a strictly kosher diet that meets the nutritional needs of the seniors.  Such a diet will boost the elderly’s immunity in fighting any chronic conditions. Other duties include general housekeeping, accompanying the elderly persons to the synagogue, being mindful of the Jewish holidays, and administering medication.

Kosher Paid Survey Jobs

Online paid surveys accumulate points that can be exchanged for cash rewards and gift vouchers. The survey sites invite participants to answer short questions based on their demographics. Each week, the surveys are sent out via email and are valid for a specified period. Here are some top Kosher Paid survey sites you can try:


iPanel allows anyone to register and earn points from answering long surveys. Then, you can increase your points by referring your friends and family members to the panel. Also, the panel has additional incentives by running weekly sweepstakes draws for its current members. Members can redeem their cash points via PayPal, gift cards, e-vouchers, or virtual game credits.

Midgam Panel

Midgam Panel is an online psychology website established in 2007. It has thousands of professional questionnaires on relationships, health, public opinion, and personality. These are short surveys that members answer and get paid via Paypal.


Sekernet is maintained by Scrant, a website platform where survey editors present surveys to members. The members first fill out a questionnaire that will help in identifying the surveys best applicable to them. After doing several surveys, they get paid via a bank transfer once the balance is at least 55ins.

Palm Research

Palm Research runs paid surveys for international participants. Based in San Diego, California, the platform runs online surveys, online focus groups, product testing, and daily surveys. Members can request payments once their account balance reaches $10. The payment is via Paypal or Check.
Living the kosher lifestyle has ample health benefits that are in line with Jewish law. And, when you also make a living doing a kosher job, it can be a fulfilling experience that guarantees a work-life balance necessary for today’s fast-paced life. Try the above work from home, and Kosher paid surveys and live an independent lifestyle as you wish.

Work from Home Kosher Jobs

Online Hebrew Teacher

Working as an online Hebrew teacher is a full-time remote position monitoring student to prepare for their examinations.  You’ll have flexible working hours for your virtual classes. Plus, you develop study lessons, prepare progress reports, and assess each student depending on their reading, comprehension, or conversational abilities. To excel in this position, you should have some prior experience in teaching. And, an ability to navigate IT tools and make the virtual classes exciting.

Subtitle Translator: English to Hebrew

English to Hebrew subtitle translator translates Hebrew movie subtitles, audios, texts, phrases, documents, or web pages into English. Interact with design and advertising companies, media houses, e-learning institutions, and translation companies in generating content ready for publishing. To qualify, you will need a bachelor’s degree from a local university, proficiency in native Hebrew, and lots of translation experience.

 Online Language Tutor

An online language tutor teaches foreign languages remotely. Here, the tutor comes up with private lessons where students can learn, practice, and improve their Hebrew language fluency. The students pick customized lesson plans that are convenient for their lifestyles. Likewise, the tutor relies on high-speed internet to provide quick feedback and focus on challenging areas requiring additional input.

Social Media Assistant

Social media assistants are in charge of marketing and communication duties for their clients.  They spend most of their workday on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms, promoting their client’s brands.  To excel in this position, you’ll need to have a creative eye in coming up with appealing content that drives traffic to the client’s platform. Since the job requires multitasking, time management, and attention to detail are a must. Other skills essential for this position include prior experience in graphic design and familiarity with the Jewish community.

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