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Is Zionism racism? That is what is claimed by many, including a now repealed UN Resolution. The proof is lacking. However there is surely racism in the Middle East. Here are some examples of "information" about Jews in Arab
world media:

"Jewish women are whores"

"Israel invented Avian Flu"

"Judaism is not a monotheistic religion"

"Jews bake matzoth from the blood of Christian children whom they kill."

†ďJehovah is a god of hatred, fear, and blood, who is content with visions of carnage and takes pleasure in the scent of bloodÖ"

"Hitler was right"

Is every criticism of Israel "Anti-Semitism?" Of course not. How about criticisms like those? Are they† legitimate criticism of the Israeli occupation and the "racist" nature of Zionism? How about that nasty Jehovah fellow?

Can we imagine the furor if someone, say a Danish newspaper, wrote that Allah is not beneficent and merciful? Wouldn't embassies burn? Wouldn't Arab world newspapers write about the neocon Zionists stirring up a war of civilizations?

These criticisms target Jews, including citizens of the countries in which the were published, anti-Zionists, and Jews against Zionism: Big Jews, Little Jews, Orthodox and Secular, Rich and Poor. It doesn't matter. "Criticisms" of this type are nothing new. They are older than the State of Israel and older than Zionism. The first well publicized Arab World "blood libel," the accusation that Jews made ritual Matzoth by slaughtering Christian children and using their blood, probably occurred in Damascus in 1840. In 1961 this fine tradition was continued by Mustapha Tlass, Defense Minister of Syria, who wrote a book 'explaining' that the blood-libel accusation is really a fact, and that the Damascus accusation of 1840 was justified. This triumph of intellectualism has been reprinted many times in Syria. Arab world anti-Semitism is a sad fact that is documented quite extensively (See Arab and Muslim Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism †and references below). Racism is evident in books, newspaper articles, television serials, movies and schoolbooks. Little children are taught that Jews are evil. With that sort of education, what sort of government will they elect if there is ever democracy in Egypt or Syria?

Racism in the Middle East - Zionism or Arabism?
there is a document that gives a tiny sampling of the available "literature."

See also:

Arab Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism 1997
†Arab Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism -1998
†Arab Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism 1999
Arab Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism -2001
Arab Anti-Semitism -2002
Arab Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism 2003
Arab Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism -2004
Mahathir Mohamed - OIC Congress address
The Problem of Muslim Anti-Semitism - Irfan Khawaja

Of course, we hope for changes in in the Arab and Muslim world, and not all Muslims or Arabs must be judged by the ranting of extremists. It is strange though that so many progressives who are concerned about Zionist "racism" are not concerned about Syrian or Egyptian racism. A good deal of this material is published in countries that are supported† by the USA like Egypt, and it is published with the blessing and support of the local regime. Ask your congressperson if they know about it.

What would happen I wonder, if someone made the claim, based on the above, that "Islam is Racism" or "Arabism is Racism?"

Ami Isseroff

An extensive and detailed report is at
Racism in the Middle East - Zionism or Arabism?

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