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The stench of anti-Zionism is haunting over the entire world. Articles, conferences, books and organizations announce that "Zionism is Racism," justify terror and proclaim the "inalienable right of the Palestinian people" to destroy Israel. News agencies fake photos of Israeli "atrocities." Anti-Semitic cartoons and T-shirts are distributed around the world. Demonstrators in London carry posters reading "We are all Hezbollah."

Where does the stench come from?

Much of the stench is coming from an unlikely place: the United Nations. The United Nations should be the hope of humanity, promoting peace and friendly relations among nations, guaranteeing the equality of all nations under the charter, acting as a watchdog for the rights of the oppressed all over the world and advancing democracy and civil society everywhere. This is a huge undertaking and responsibility.

The UN is not meeting its responsibility. Millions were killed in the Congo, but the UN was powerless to stop the slaughter. A million people died in the Iran-Iraq war, but the UN did not intervene. Saddam Hussein committed genocide, killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Cyprus has been occupied and divided for over 30 years. In Darfur, over 400,000 people have died, but the UN is only beginning to deal with the problem. In Tibet, an entire people have been occupied and enslaved since 1949 by China, but the UN has been unable to help them. In many countries women are killed for adultery or even the suspicion of premarital relations, subjected to genital mutilation and sold into white slavery. In Burma and other countries, tyrannical governments stifle individual freedoms and basic rights. In Africa, millions die of AIDS, malnutrition, poor health care, starvation and genocidal wars. The UN has been unable to make much progress in any of those issues, and doesn't even devote much resources to them.

The UN has been subverted by a powerful Arab/Muslim lobby, to focus disproportionate energies on one issue: the Question of Palestine. The real Question of Palestine is why the UN devotes so much of its resources to the Question of Palestine. The UN devotes almost no resources to the "Question of Kurdistan" - twelve million people without a plot of land to call their own, persecuted in Iran, Turkey and Syria and formerly persecuted in Iraq. The UN devotes almost nothing to "The Question of Tibet," a country larger than Western Europe that has been helpless under Chinese rule. However, of the seven departments of the UN Secretariat, one is devoted to the Question of Palestine. The real Question of Palestine is why the UN devotes so much of its resources to the Question of Palestine. 16 people are employed full time on this question, almost as many as work in the entire Division for Asia and Oceania, covering billions of people. The so-called Question of Palestine is the single most visible issue promoted by the UN, overshadowing all the massacres, suffering, mistreatment of women everywhere else in the world.

Most of us are aware of the public side of UN anti-Israel activities, resolutions that condemn Israel are churned out regularly by the General Assembly, the Security Council and the UN Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR). A very large proportion of resolutions passed by those bodies concerns the Question of Palestine and they are overwhelmingly anti-Israel. In one period, the UNHCR produced 8 resolutions, of which 4 were about alleged violations of human rights by Israel. The UNCHR has not condemned egregious violations of human rights by the Palestinian Authority.

The activities of the Division for Palestinian Rights (DPR) that support these resolutions on the Question of Palestine are less well known. The DPR and the committees it controls spend about $6 million dollars each year promoting the delegitimization of Israel and Zionism, helping organizations that promote anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic propaganda, organizing conferences and disseminating press releases and resolutions condemning Israel. The costs of publication of these materials are largely hidden in the separate budget of the United Nations Public Affairs department. This apparatus has been slowly constructed since 1968. It controls about a thousand NGOs (non-government organizations), who must commit themselves to support the "inalienable rights of the Palestinian people." This gives publicity to anti-Zionist and anti-Israel hate groups such as NKUSA and the BADIL group. It also subverts other NGOs who are anxious to get publicity and legitimacy for their activities through the UN. Thus, women's rights groups and religious freedom groups and organizations that are supposed to promote democracy all find themselves resolving that "Zionism is Racism" and "Israel is an Apartheid State." They hold conferences and produce resolutions on the abuse of rights of Palestinian women by Israel, the lack of democracy in Israel and the ecological problems caused by Israel. They do not touch upon real abuses in their own countries. These NGOs, are the hope of moderates in the Middle East for promoting democracy and civil society. "Civil society' is the watchword of moderates in the Middle East. But the NGOs that should be supporting it are diverted from their true purpose and harnessed to the Question of Palestine.

It doesn't end there, because DPR accredited NGOs network with other NGOs and organizations, and they help to infiltrate churches and labor unions and human rights groups, spreading boycott and divestment intitiatives, initiatives to legitimize the Hamas and condemn Israel for "war crimes," and anti-Zionist propaganda. They hold conferences and lectures at universities and enlist the support of academics and students for the anti-Zionist campaign. In this way, support for extremism and hate is spread by a large and ever-increasing network of what appear to be "grass roots organizations," using money collected for other purposes, allowing Palestinian extremists to leverage on Every organization, whether it is a labor union in the UK or a women's rights group in Seattle or church in Boston, is a target for subversion for to the "Question of Palestine," and many have been subverted.

A vast mechanism of hate has been created, contravening the UN Charter, which guarantees the equality of every state. This mechanism conducts a growing international campaign against the legitimacy of Israel. This mechanism is responsible for a great deal of the stench of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

That mechanism is responsible for the odious Durban conference of NGOs, which resolved that Zionism is Racism," a conference where NGOs freely distributed cartoons caricaturing Jews and other anti-Semitic materials. It is responsible for the recent anti-Israel conference in Caracas, Venezuela, and for dozens if not hundreds of other NGO conferences, as well as countless publications and press releases and news articles, all devoted to destroying a member state of the UN.

In the past few years, the situation has improved. Secretary General Kofi Annan has been responsive to calls for UN reform. The UN voted to hold an annual Holocaust day. The UNCHR has been reformed so that countries like Libya will not be in charge of supervising human rights issue. Annan has spoken out about anti-Semitism on occassion. However, Kofi Annan also stood under a map that had erased Israel and replaced it with Palestine and spoke at the annual day of mourning held by the Division of Palestinian Rights on the anniversary of the partition of the Palestine mandate by UN GA Resolution 181. The UNCHR and other bodies continue to crank out anti-Israel resolutions, and UN sponsored NGO conferences sponsor resolutions supporting the Hamas. (see here for a recent summary of Status of Israel at the UN)

Anyone who is familiar with the sad history of the 1930s and the failure of the League of Nations to prevent the aggression of the dictatorships, understands that a healthy, strong and fair international organization is vital to the peace of the world. However, the UN at present is very far from that ideal. All of us who care about world peace should be concerned about the sorry state of the UN, and should help in restoring the integrity of the United Nations.

Ami Isseroff

Original content is Copyright by the author 2006. Posted at ZioNation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, https://zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000231.html where your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. Disributed by ZNN list. Subscribe by sending a message to . Please forward by e-mail with this notice, cite this article and link to it. Other uses by permission only.

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Replies: 4 Comments

Why is this Resolution 666 satanic Muslim fanatical nutjob on an Israeli site? I'll tell you why, because Muslims devote their lives to hate and destruction. Furthermore they are simply too inept to create anything productive such as a functioning website. I just hope the FBI is monitoring psychopaths like that.

Anyways to get back on topic. I agree with the article. The purpose of the UN has been defeated by hateful Arab and Eurabian nations. It's current state serves no purpose to the civilized world.

RA, Tuesday, September 19th

Yes of course I meant the Durban conference. It is really a pity that the NGOs are such a cynical show, because many people place a lot of faith in them.

Simon - Jews have been hated for 2000 years. It is a given. However, Israel should eventually be able to make its way as a country.

Ami Isseroff, Thursday, September 7th

Excellent article, Ami. Frightening that so much money and energy is devoted to this 'hate' industry by the international community.

It's about time peope realised how corrupt the 'grassroots' NGOs are.

I think you mean the odious 'Durban' conference, not Darfur.

, Wednesday, September 6th

As a Jew, I wonder if it unfortunately possiible that Israel/Jews are so hated by enough of the worlds' nations other than the Arab/Moslem countries that the deck is already stacked from "The get go". I sometimes wonder what would Israel/Jews do one day in the future if/when the USA begins to decline as a world power, and another country, such as China begins to take that role.

, Wednesday, September 6th

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