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The publication of a book entitled "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid" by Jimmy Carter, a former US President, should have set off alarm bells not only for Zionists and Israelis, but for anyone who wishes for peace in the Middle East. It is not just another Israel-bashing screed, but a signal that even in the US, Israel bashing has gone mainstream.

Abe Foxman got it right when he wrote:

: One should never judge a book by its cover, but in the case of former President Jimmy Carter’s latest work, “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid”, we should make an exception. All one really needs to know about this biased account is found in the title.

. Many more people will know about that title than will read the book, and the title is already being used by anti-Zionists in arguments that run, "Look, even Jimmy Carter, the Nobel Prize winner, writes that Israel is an apartheid state." Carter can protest in vain that his book advocates a two state solution, and points out in the small print that Israel is not an apartheid state after all. Carter is not a newcomer to politics or publicity, and he had to know exactly what effect that title would have and how it would be used. You cannot write a book entitled "Down the with Kikes" and then claim you didn't really mean it, and note that the book itself has some non-racist parts.

Mr. Carter may not be among the brightest of politicians. Being ignorant and stupid is not against the law for Presidents of the United States as has been proven many times. However, Mr Carter or his advisers and editors had to know that the "Apartheid" label was deliberately and maliciously attached to Israel as part of a conscious campaign to delegitimize the Jewish right to self determination and destroy the Jewish state. This is not a secret. It has been announced over and over by a broad specturm of anti-Zionists.

Carter's book, coming after the Mearsheimer and Walt "Israel Lobby" study, indicates that anti-Zionism has gone mainstream. Predictably, Carter, like Mearsheimer and Walt, have gotten a huge amount of mainstream media publicity, inevitably accompanied by whining that the "Zionists" prevent publication of views that are anti-Israel.

The sort of racist delegitimization of Israel that was once considered "respectable" and permitted only in Arab capitals or Web sites like Stormfront and Electronic Intifada, is now considered "politically correct" everywhere, including the United States. It nay not be long before hook nosed Jews labelled with swastikas will be featured in cartoons in mainstream US magazines, and perhaps Mr. Carter himself will host a conference on Holocaust denial.

The book, not surprisingly, contains the usual shoddy and mythical rendition of historical "narratives" of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as noted by Alan Dershowitz.. If Mr. Carter states that the Jewish-Arab conflict in Palestine because of attacks by Jewish extremists in the 1930s, it is not because he is ignorant of the activities of the Nazi collaborator Hajj Amin El Husseini and the Palestinian riots of the 1920s and the revolt of 1936 , but because he deliberately chose to ignore the truth and present a "narrative myth" that has much in common with blood libels.

What is surprising and appalling is that the Zionist movement and the Israeli government have failed to protest against Carter and his book in any effective way. Carter is still considered "respectable." He could be invited by your favorite Jewish organization or democratic club to expound his views on peace in the Middle East, and he could campaign for Democratic party candidates. Other than a few civilized book reviews like those of Foxman and Dershowitz, which quibble over some of the facts, nobody seems to be alarmed. It is like arguing with a Nazi war criminal about whether or not Jews really do make Matzahs from the blood of Christian children.

Only the right-wing ZOA issued a protest that was besides the point, obscuring the all-important issue of the right of the Jewish people for self-determination with the ZOA obsession over settlements in Judea and Samaria:

Judea and Samaria are historically, legally and religiously Jewish
land and form part of territory originally earmarked for a Jewish state by the League of Nations. There has never been a Palestinian Arab state in these areas, despite offers to establish one in 1937, 1948 and 2000 and Israel won Judea and Samaria in the 1967 war of self-defense. This land was no-one's sovereign territory and had been illegally occupied and annexed by Jordan in 1948. When under Arab control, no Palestinian state was set up there. Jews have more right to live in Judea and Samaria than any other people.

ZOA missed the important fact that the title of Carter's book says that Jews have no right to live as a free people anywhere in Israel. It is not about the occupation of this or that bit of real estate at all any more. ZOA forgot long ago that there can be an Israel without settlements in the West Bank, but that if Carter and his friends have their way, there will be no Israel at all. The Israeli government did not protest either. They are busy preparing a "branding campaign" and making believe none of this ever happened.

Will anyone wake up before it is too late?

Ami Isseroff

Original content is Copyright by the author 2006. Posted at ZioNation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, https://zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000301.html where your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. Disributed by ZNN list. Subscribe by sending a message to . Please forward by e-mail with this notice, cite this article and link to it. Other uses by permission only.

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Replies: 11 Comments

I cannot comment on carter's book as I have yet to read it however, as a social worker who has been an independant politically I have noticed among my leftist collegues a tendency to be antisemitic and it concerns me.

, Friday, December 15th

By the way, Jimmy Carter has proved himself to be a stupid politician in the late elections in Ethiopia by blindly supporting the defeated racist party there. Who is he after all to denounce the Zionist state? He is just a symbolic unreasonable ex-president who did nothing to his country nor to the poorest country on earth who was desperately expecting his support.
Down with such a crazy, old minded old man!

, Thursday, December 14th

well well, someone forgot his own apartheid: who invented the indian reservations in north america? who imprisoned and massacred millions of people in north america? who did not let indians vote till the mid 1950's?

opps: the united states of america!!!!

so mr. carter: before saying israel is using apartheid, try first your own homeland that has the poorest county in the whole weatern hemesphere- that of pine ridge.

shame on you!!

, Thursday, December 14th

POLITICS: Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol, Feith, Libby... BANKERS: Rothschild, Warburg, Bernanke, Greenspan, Wofensohn... LORD/GENIUS: Jesus, Einstein, Oppenheimer..... ALL THINGS RICH: Diamond, Gold, Rich, Silver, Sterling, Perle... ENTERTAINMENT: Spielberg, Katzenberg, Geffen, Redstone. The US is the only country in the world to circumsize (mutilate) baby boys for non-religious purposes. This 2% of the population are a selfish lot. Love me some Jews... HATE me some Zionists. Stop hijacking our government and stealing our wealth. Israel is the size of New Jersey and boasts a population small than LA yet gets more foreign aid than the CONTINENT of Africa. Israel needs to be annihilated and the Zionists (not the Jews) in our government need to be stoned to death.

, Tuesday, December 12th

If Mr. Carter would tour the concentration camps of Germany and the Hollocost Museum in Jerusalem he just might begin to see the connection between Muslim extreemists and Hitler's Nazis. Carter's peace retoric is tantamount to condoning the Jewish people suffering a second genocide within a hundred years that could be aided by the appathetic citizens of North America and Europe.

, Monday, December 11th

Kudos to President Carter, finally someone of his caliber has the courage to come out and tell the truth about the Israeli Brutality towards the Palestinian People. Israeli Lobby, especially AIPAC, is so powerful in our country that no congress man or for that matter any other Official dare to criticize Israel. Almost all our elected public officials are either afraid of Israeli Lobby or they have been bought of to support every action of Israel.
Who pushed us into the Iraq war? It was the neo-con Zionists like Richard Perle Wolfowitz ,Douglas Feith, Ken Alderman, Bill Kristal, Krauthhammere,Daniel Pipe
Allen Dershowitz and Henry Kissinger etc.This is a war for Israel.. Iraq was never
a threat to us. 12 years of embargo made Iraq completely powerless. Israeli supporters
created all kinds of falls excuses and fooled the Bush administration to go to war against
Iraq just to Destroy Iraq and Kill Iraqi people for their support of Palestinian Rights.
Now we are in a big mess. Now most of these Zionist supporters are criticizing the Bush
Administration about the conduct of the war. When the ship is sinking, all the Rats are
Abandoning the ship now. Now we are in a Quick sand because of the Zionists supporters of Israel.
Most of the world Terrorism is caused because of the Illegal Occupation of Gaza and
West bank by Israel. Due to our Unconditional and Blind support of Israel we have
become an object of hate and ridicule in the whole world. How long can we go on Supporting Israel, for its Illegal and Brutal ,Occupation of Palestinian land
, with our Blood and Treasure? Israel has become a Parasite which is killing its host slowly, the U.S.A.
Most of the Terrorist will be out of business once Israel goes back to its Pre- 1967 border.
Arabs in 2002 have indicated that they will Recognize Israel if it goes back to pre- 1967
Border. If Israel wants peace it must accept U.N. resolution 242 . We cannot go on bailing out Israel by using our Veto against the wishes of the whole world.
People of U.S.A have suffered enough. .The whole world hates us and thinks we are stupid to support every action of Israel. We must stand up to the Israeli lobby and
not be afraid of its intimidation.. I hope more of our leaders, especially those in power, will have courage to come out in open and speak the Truth about the Brutal Occupation
of Palestinian people by heartless Israel. U.S.A. is the only friend Israel has left now in the whole world .We give them Billions of dollars in Aid, supply them with all kinds of
sophisticated Armaments to kill Helpless Palestinians who are kept in Vast Jail surrounded by high walls and Watch Towers.
If Zionists think that 14ml of them can go on fighting 1.4 billion Muslims of the
World, they are naļve and in denial. Learn from history. A small nation cannot go
On oppressing a large group people for ever. Look what happened to Britain, France
Spain and Portugal. They were great colonial power. You cannot keep native people
Under your thumb for ever. Sooner or later you will be kicked out by the native people. Palestinian may be weak now but time is on their side and they are getting supports from stronger countries. We in U.S.A. cannot go on supporting Israel unconditionally for ever with our Blood Treasure and Veto.
Sooner or later there will be backlash by American People.

Now the same Zionist neo-con are Pushing us to go to war against Iran and Syria.

s jafry, Monday, December 11th

Carter is no different from his late, redneck brother...an anti-Semite. He is also ill-informed and a plagiarist!

, Sunday, December 10th

Why did Carter write about the Palestine/Israel problem dis-
cussed separately and discuss it separtely from the Arab-Jew-Christian hatred being taught by the Palestinians. If anyone is practicing APARTHEID it is the Arab-Muslin world and the Hamas terrorists the West Bank. Their aim is to destroy us, Jews and Christians. If we stated that our aim, was to destroy the Arabs and Muslims,what do we think they would do and what would Carter, as a Christian, would write? Carter,the politician, forgot, when he was president he could not get anyone in the Arab world to help him get the people to listen to him or help him get the Americans they
were holding released. Building homes for the poor seems to be his way of covering up his dual personality, the
desire to help the poor and the politician...that element that enables him to write about his anti-semitic views, knowing full well it will feed
those who did not keep up with what hss been going on between the Western world and the Middle East until September ll woke us up.
What was happening to Israel all those years since it was established is now happening to us. The Arab world finally believes it is no longer necessary to camouflage their real purpose...to destroy Israel and take over Western world. Could it be that Carter does not see this? This isn't
the first important episode in our current history that he does not see. Could this be the reasons why Carter, the politician, would write this book now?

, Thursday, December 7th

Actually the title of the book is "Palestine: Peace or Apartheid" not "Israel: Peace or Apartheid." If one believes in a two-state solution as Carter and Bush do and even Sharon purported to, then those two states will be Palestine and Israel. Even under Israeli law the West Bank/Judea and Samaria aren't part of Israeli territory. Ms. Iseroff should stop foaming at the mouth long enough to read the title.

, Tuesday, December 5th

So, the antisemite peanut farmer despises the State of Israel and just loves Arabs (especially when they go on murder sprees targeting Jews). It figures. Where else does an antisemite dirt bag get funding -- other than through the Saudis?

Carter reminds me of a pedophile who signs up to be a Boy Scout Leader (and/or "priest"). Ditto for any antisemitic racist who claims "special" knowledge of "human rights"! Yeah, Jimmy, you should know all there is about race hatred...(Did that come about as a consequence of a Southern up-bringing? or does Jimmy just wanna be another good ol' red-neck / Borat boy?)

J.S., Thursday, November 30th

Jimmy Carter is the main reason why I and thousands of other American Jews have abandoned the Democratic Party. The center of gravity of American antSemitism now resides on the Left and has for at least the last six years. All former President Carter has done is to make it official.

, Thursday, November 30th

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