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The Guardian newspaper has regrettably thrown all professional journalistic ethics and pretensions to balance and objectivity to the four winds, and has gleefully annexed itself to the cause of the Hamas.

As unbelievable as it may seem, I got the following promotion from the Guardian, intended for bloggers:

*QUOTE ***
Dear Friends

I am writing to you from Guardian Films the documentary arm of the Guardian Newspaper to bring to your attention a series of films we have produced on alleged war crimes committed by Israel during the 23-day offensive against Gaza earlier this year.

The films focus on three separate cases of alleged war crimes;
(1) The use of Palestinian children as human shields.
(2) The systematic targeting of medics and hospitals by the Israeli Army.
(3) The use of state of the art precision weapons such as UAV aircraft to fire on groups of unarmed civilians.

Three documentaries produced by Guardian Films and Clancy Chassay made during a month-long investigation add weight to calls this week for a full inquiry into the events surrounding Operation Cast Lead, which was aimed at Hamas, but which left over 1400 Palestinians dead - around 300 known to be children.

[photos and link omitted] ....

We are requesting from you all where possible to please embed a link to our 'Gaza War Crimes' page on your blog and web sites.

Look forward to hearing from you soon
With Kindest Regards

Mustafa Khalili

At least, we can be pretty sure that Mr. Khalili is not a neocon Zionist, right? Mr Khalili put down his "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas!" placard long enough to send out these letters to squads of eager Israel bashing bloggers. We would expect to get Israeli materials from the Israeli army, and pro-Hamas materials from the Hamas. But the Hamas is unable to make their own stuff, so the Guardian is considerately helping them out.

The Guardian footage has shocking revelations - Israel has UAVs. Imagine that! It's not fair! Jews are not supposed to shoot back when you shoot at them, and they should have people in aircraft so Hamas has better targets, right, Mr. Khalili?

Really, Guardian, we didn't know that. And really, Guardian, who says that 300 of the dead are "known to be chidlren?" Unbelievably, a supposedly "mainstream" journal has made itself into a vehicle for partisan political activism and is promoting its wares by asking bloggers to link to their propaganda. Are they utilizing a political cause to increase circulation or abusing their alleged position as an objective journal to promote political activism, and which is worse.

Whatever happened in Gaza, it ought not to be the business of the Guardian to appoint itself judge and juror and promote itself in this way.

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 4 Comments

Who would have thought that a British paper resorts to proganda to sell more papers. Congratulations on a well written article. Too bad it smacks of a lob sided story with huge gaps.

Ronni Ishaky, Thursday, April 2nd

oh AK, spoken like a true uninformed media mouthpiece.

almina, Thursday, March 26th

The Israelis are guilty of numerous war crimes, they are the nazis of the millenium and are carrying out the same agenda the germans did in the 40s.

How sad and ironic that the persecuted have become the former.

, Wednesday, March 25th

Well, maybe we can all hope that the "reporters" at the Guardian newspaper can all emulate another one of their (no doubt) "heroes" in arms -- Beverly Giesbrecht. The freelance "reporter" (a convert to Islam) wanted to get the goods on the poor, beseiged Taliban at the hands of the Amerikkkans. So she headed off to Afghanistan/Pakistan to "document" the crimes committed against the Taliban. Needless to say, her new found Taliban "friends" immediately saw fit to kidnap her, and are now holding her for ransom. Frankly, I don't think any ransom money should be paid. (And if only the same fate could occur with all of the rabidly pro-terrorist Guardian folks...)

, Monday, March 23rd

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