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It hurts me to admit this. As a Zionist, I really wish that the much hoped-for peace was really just around the corner. I wish that Israel could give up a few square meters of real estate and obtain peace. I know it will not happen. I am compelled to admit that by every indication, the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks that begin this week will be a farcical charade. They cannot be saved by any amount of Israeli concessions. I know this not just because of the impossible "peace" conditions of the Palestinians. or the needless hateful utterances of Rabbi Ovadia Yossef, nor even because of the usual, conveniently deniable, terror attack that announced the opening of the talks.

One certain indication that the peace talks must fail is the flood of mail that I have gotten of late from Palestinian peace and dialog groups, and from every Palestinian or other Arab who ever spoke out for peace or sanity. They beg me to remove this or that article or section from a Web site where they are quoted as advocating peace with Israel or coexistence. They say - not for publication - that they are subject to a reign of terror: Emails; Hints; Phone calls in the night; Officials of the '"clean-as-a-whistle" "moderate" "not-like-Arafat" Palestinian National Authority telling them they had better toe the line - or it will be bad for their organization or their personal health.

My Palestinian and Arab friends and others who have asked me to remove their Web pages and demanded that I be silent about it, can be thankful that I do not follow their wishes: Speaking out is the only way to expose state terror. My advice to all those who are threatened is to speak out, loud and clear. But it is their decision. I will not name names. I can only decide what is right for myself.

Everyone who is in any way active in peace and dialog has to have heard echoes of the whisper campaign. The Palestinian youth orchestra that was dismantled because it played for Israeli Holocaust survivors, the One Voice event that was canceled because of death threats, are public manifestations of the same terror. All this happened not in Hamas - ruled Gaza, but, embarrassingly, in the West Bank, ruled by the "moderate" Fatah and the Palestinian National Authority, Israel's "peace partners." The people who are terrorized into begging me to remove their names, their articles and their organizations from any Web site that has the remotest connection with Israel, all are from the West Bank, the land of the Palestinian National Authority, not Gaza. Think about what this means.

As for myself, I still live in a free country. I will not tamper with the record of history. I will not succumb to terror. I dare anyone of the moderate and peace-loving Palestinian National Authority to hurt my friends, the friends of peace.

I will not be quiet in order to support mistaken ideas about peace and dialog. We must not allow the "moderate" Palestinian National Authority to quietly export Soviet-style terror in the name of "peace." If we allow them to do so, what sort of peace will it be?

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 2 Comments

Just remember what is really going on here. "A war broke out in heaven" and one third of the Stars fell to the earth. If you knew what this meant you would know why there is never going to be peace until Yeshua returns for. His people. Why then does the Israel nation, not see this... I don’t know, But It has something to do with us Gentiles, getting an opportunity to be reconciled to God. In the mean time God said. He will keep his promise to David, in spite of what Israel, and Judah have done to be cast off. In fact the scripture says. He will keep his promise for. His name sake. ... Well if I had God say to me, Even though you’re a sinning gentile, I will protect you, from all your adversaries, I would feel rather bold, and I would act as such. ..The nation of Israel will stand forever, as God promised. It will stand as a signet to Gods sovereignty . “I will give my Glory to no other God” ... Including “Alla... for the few Christians that know what we are grafted into, I also am praising God for this promise every Sabbath. All toughs who gather against here will be destroyed. In the great valley of the nations that are gathered by God to be shown his power and might. Then all the nations will know that he is the God of Israel.

Peace will come when Gods people look up to heaven and call on his name. That is what the Scriptures say in the last days for the chosen people of God.

Israel can have peace as soon as this happens... Spread the WORD...

issac is the promised son, Friday, September 17th

Every birth is a fifty fifty chance so a run of seven sons - or daughters - is two to the power of seven = 1:128 and this will be the Arabs' 8th chance since 1937,('47; 49-67; '67, Begin -Sadat; Oslo; and Barak-Clinton)to reject ie the bookies should be offering 256 to 1 on, that the Arabs kick the Obama initiative into the ditch - again because they will not drop the "refugee return" non-sense.
Gharda Karmi in The Guardian complained Obama had threatened Abbas! By inference with cutting his foreign aid. Does anybody have a decent detail on this one from another media report?

, Sunday, September 5th

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