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Peace with our neighbors is just another stage in the Zionist plan. Every Zionist should want the current peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians to succeed. Success means that Israel will at long last be recognized by the Arab states as the state of the Jewish people. We will awake from a century-long nightmare. The war that began in the time of my grandfathers will be over.

If ever peace is achieved, the railroad tracks that today end at Rosh Haniqra in Israel will run to Beirut and Cairo as they did in days gone by. The various U.N. committees and departments that support the Palestinian cause will be dismantled. The BDS movement will lose its audience, The International Solidarity Movement will be unemployed, as will all the Israel boycotters and anti-normalization committees. The greater Palestine fanatics will be out of business. The Hamas will be unemployed.

There is a chorus of foolish or evil people who are anti-Zionists, or don't know what Zionism is about, who tell us that "Zionists" or Israelis are against peace, (see Carlo Strenger and Andrew Levine for example). I am an Israeli. I am a Zionist. I am very much for peace. It may astound you to learn that I do not know any Zionist Israeli Jews who are not for peace, though they may be skeptical about the talks.

I know about Rabbi Ovadia Yossef. His obnoxious remarks, repudiated by Israeli leaders, are repeated incessantly as though they are the only Israeli opinion. What you may not know about Ovadia Yossef is that he is not a Zionist and does not speak for Israeli Zionist Jews.

Peace with the Arab and Muslim world is another stage in the realization of the Zionist dream, which we have been working for over a century to implement. However, wanting peace is not the same as being optimistic about the peace talks. Even the widely quoted "ultranationalist" Israel Foreign Minister Lieberman is for peace. He just doesn't believe it is about to happen.

As part of the international campaign to cast Israel as the sole obstacle to peace in the Middle East, Time magazine tries to explain why Israelis don't care about peace..

It is possible that Israelis don't care about the "peace process." or that we are as skeptical as the Palestinian Arab taxi driver in Ramallah, who said it is all "kalahm fahdi" (empty talk). It is small wonder if few believe peace is on offer after so many bitter disappointments. We are all entitled to be skeptical. The "peace process" has not yielded anything thus far except photo opportunities and terror victims. But as Ron Prossor, Israel's ambassador to Britain, said,

"It reminds me of the Muppets Statler and Waldorf. If you sit on the balcony shouting, it's a lousy show. With all the cynicism and low expectations, we should say thank you to President Obama and the American people, who are trying to facilitate both sides reaching something."

Badmouthing the peace talks may indeed function as self-fulfilling prophecy, but people are entitled to their opinions. The Zionist movement is painfully aware of the damage done by skeptics who said we would never succeed at every stage: Getting a homeland, convincing Jews to come here, making the Jewish Yishuv economically viable, getting a state, defending that state. At each stage there were plenty of "Statlers and Waldorfs" yelling "it's a lousy show" from the balconies. This stage is no exception.

The current peace talks are really all about Iran and the USA, the Hamas versus the PLO. Without mentioning Iran and the Hamas, nothing about the peace talks will make much sense. According to the American view, fear of non-Arab Shi'a Iran will make Arabs back peace with Israel. Israelis will trade concessions for American support against Iran, and Mahmoud Abbas will supposedly make peace to ward off the Hamas. A peace deal might just be concluded to frustrate Iran, as Hillary Clinton seems to believe. Iran and its puppets are indeed trying to undermine the USA and its clients Abbas and Israel. Abbas and the Israeli leadership must play their parts in the American game. Nobody, however, will be stampeded into believing, as Hillary Clinton tells us, that this is the "last" opportunity for peace.

Iran and its satellites are alarmed by the prospect of peace, which would be a victory for America. Iran is doing is best to stir up Palestinian opposition to peace, never a difficult task. Hezbollah General Secretary Nasrallah, proclaimed that the talks were "stillborn." The Hamas promised more terror attacks. and declared that the talks "aim to liquidate the Palestinian cause." The Iranian regime, was adamantly against the peace talks. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said:

"The fate of Palestine will be determined on the ground in Palestine... Not in Washington, not in Paris, and not in London...These talks are death...There is no reason to hold talks."

Ahmadinejad also said that direct talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are a ruse, and that American negotiators are accomplices to Israeli "crimes" against Palestinians. Hojjatoleslam Khattami declared that the "Washington compromise talks" [are] "another treason against Palestinian nation,"

PLO official Saleh Zawawi, Palestinian ambassador to Iran, is said by Iranian media to have delivered himself of these sentiments:

"With reliance upon Grace of Almighty God and through solidarity of world Muslims, we hope to witness complete eradication of the fabricated regime in due course," Zawawi said.

Zawawi was not alone. Iranian sources also insisted that a member of the PLO Political Office, Abbas Jomah, noted that 'Qods Day' celebrated by Iran should bring the collective attention of Muslims to the plight of their Palestinian brethren under the boots of the racist Zionists.

It is inevitable that anti-Zionist extremists must protest direct talks, because they hold the distinct "danger" of peace. After all, the hallmark of the Arab and Muslim campaign against Israel was always non-recognition and non-negotiation. That's what the boycotts are really about. The 1949 armistice agreements were conducted by "indirect" talks. In the cases of Egypt and Jordan, direct negotiations led to peace..

We want peace, but like all adults, we know that what we may want and what we can get may be two different things. Too many commentators thoroughly confound "analysis" with their own political views and wishes. The real course of peace talks is unknown. It is masked in platitudes and inane diplomatic pleasantries such as those delivered at the ceremonial opening of the talks by Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Beneath the virtual "moderate" Palestine constructed for credulous foreigners, there is the actual Palestine, where "Zionists" are synonymous with the devil, where anyone who speaks up for coexistence has signed their own death warrant and terror attacks are OK if they are 'deniable.' In a hundred years of conflict, the Arab Palestinians have learned nothing except how to dissemble better and how to translate "murder the Jews" into a shaggy dog story about "rights" and "legitimacy" which pseudo-intellectuals dignify as a "narrative."

For those who want to see, the "moderate" Palestinians are providing unmistakable signs that the future "peace" that they envision will be nothing like the idyll painted in the opening paragraphs of this article.

An Israeli simulation gave the talks slim chances of success. In his speech at the opening ceremony of the talks, "moderate" Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, unlike Hillary Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu, did not hide behind pleasantries and diplomacy. His message was unambiguous. He chose to speak as head of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) rather than the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority was created to make peace with Israel. Abbas was supposedly in Washington to talk peace as head of the Palestinian Authority. The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was created to destroy Israel. Abbas had put on a different hat for "deniability” or "legitimacy." Abbas insisted on the bogus "right" of return of the Palestinian Arab refugees of 1948, which would, of course, put an end to Israel as a Jewish state. He said:

The Palestine Liberation Organization is taking part in these negotiations... We will not relinquish our rights and claims... and we will continue to insist on a just solution for Palestinian refugees in accordance with international law.

Israel did not undertake to negotiate peace with the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Abbas made it as clear as possible that he has no intention of yielding any point. He since reiterated the message that he is in no mood for compromise. He added a further impossible condition by insisting that any peace deal would have to include Gaza. Neither Abbas nor Israel control Gaza, Ahmadinejad and the Hamas do. How can the Palestine Liberation Organization or the Palestinian Authority sign an agreement with Israel about an area that is controlled by someone else?

On the other hand, Mr Abbas's spokesman, Nabil abu Rudeineh, responded to Iranian jibes as follows:

[Ahmedinejad] does not represent the Iranian people, forged elections, suppresses the Iranian people and stole the authority. [He] is not entitled to talk about Palestine, or the president of Palestine."

"President Abu Mazen [Abbas] is the elected president of free and fair elections in which more than two thousand international observers [participated]," Abu Rudeineh said..

"We ... will not allow anyone to undermine the national president or the legitimacy of the Palestine Liberation Organization," he said.

The deliberate confounding of the PLO and the Palestinian Authority continues. Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is the elected president of what?? There were no popular elections to the PLO. Abbas's term as president of the Palestinian Authority ran out in 2009. Hamas has not agreed to elections since.

Abu Rudeineh didn't have much to say about the PLO officials quoted by the Iranian press. The Iranian press was prompt to retort with a quote from a Gaza-based PLO official:

Kayed al-Ghoul, a member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine reiterated Iran and other Muslim states' rights to defend the Palestinians.

"As Palestinian nationals, we feel obliged to show gratitude to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and other Iranian dignitaries for their support for the Palestinian nation and the issue of
Palestine," al-Ghoul said.

American statecraft has produced some strange peace supporters. Abbas is bobbing and weaving, trying to please both hawks and doves. We don't know, and perhaps nobody knows, if he represents the Palestine Liberation Organization or the Palestinian Authority or the Fatah or only himself. Abbas and the PLO and the Palestinian Authority probably could not tell us for certain if they are for peace or for "eradication of the fabricated regime [Israel]." Perhaps they think that eradication of Israel is synonymous with peace. Israelis are unsurprisingly baffled by the contradictory signals sent out by the Palestinian leadership.

In Israel, prospects for peace have an unlikely booster too. In contrast to his foreign minister, the much maligned "right wing" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet, "We can surprise the doubters to reach historic peace".

Not everyone in the Israeli and Palestinian leadership is keeping to the plan, and there is no guarantee that anyone will keep to the plan in the long run. The Palestinians may exploit the Iranian threat for their own purposes just as the Americans do. There is also no logic to the American premise that a peace agreement will somehow make Israel and the Palestinian Authority immune to Iranian sponsored terror. Only American leadership and protection can do that, but America appears to be standing down everywhere in the Middle East. Abbas may be afraid to make concessions because of Hamas, rather than being forced to make concessions in order to counter Iran. The Iranians may exploit the peace deal to plant a Hamas state next to American allies Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Just because the Iranian Mullahs are against a peace settlement does not mean any Israelis or Palestinians should be for it. In this confused and confusing peace circus anyone can be forgiven if they are skeptical about the prospects for peace.

It never has been easy to do any of the things Zionism had to do. The goals which Zionism have always been derided as impossible by the anti-Zionists before they were achieved and have always been explained away as trivial or inevitable after they were achieved. None of the work of Zionism is really finished. Those, who like Carlo Strenger, think that Zionism finished its work with the creation of the state, are mistaken. We must make the Jewish state an accepted part of the world, accepted even by Jews like Carlo Strenger and Iranian Mullahs. An "existential" threat has always hung over the Zionist endeavor. It can be eliminated only by peace.

That is why, despite all the risks, we must support the peace effort. Geopolitics are illogical, ugly and unlikely. Geopolitical struggles, internal politics and the development of international relations present strange opportunities. We have to understand how to exploit them. The "Jewish National Home" was born in the chaos of World War I. The Jewish State was born of the tragedy of World War II. Peace is another Zionist goal waiting for a historic opportunity that will allow it to happen, and despite the inauspicious signals, we have to seize this opportunity.

For the Zionist movement, peace has always been the only option, but it has never really been on the menu before. Peace may not be on the menu this time, either. But if we are consistent in pursuing our goal, it will be, one day.

Peace requires patience. It will be an ugly baby when it is born. It will not look anything like the utopia described in first paragraphs of this article, just as in 1948 our economy did not resemble the Israeli economy of today, and the Jewish Legion of World War I did not resemble the IDF of today.

Refusing to make peace because the reality does not match the Utopian dream is foolish. Reality will never match Utopian visions, just as Israel will never be like Herzl's Jewish State or Altneuland, On the other hand, being impatient or wishing for what we can't have will not bring peace or any other desirable goal any closer.

Ami Isseroff

Original content is Copyright by the author 2010. Posted at ZioNation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, https://zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000757.html where your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. Disributed by ZNN list. Subscribe by sending a message to . Please forward by e-mail with this notice, cite this article and link to it. Other uses by permission only.

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Replies: 6 Comments

The hallmark of the Arab and Muslim campaign against Israel was always non-recognition and non-negotiation

Antown, Monday, May 30th

When you say the only option is peace. Do you mean leaving Israel to the muslims? If that isnt what you want, then you should come to grips with the fact that, there will never be coexistence with muslims. Im from the US and see similar irrational thoughts from college age kids, indoctrinated by pot-smoking, Gandhi wannabe hippie retreads. Your idealism will only bring pain. You should know better. Good faith concessions only will be interpreted as weekness. In case your wondering what some American half-way around the world, should have any opinion,then you need to pay attention more. As someone born a few years before the Iranian revolution and has watched muslims murder Americans and Israelis. As someone who has faught in Afghanistan and Iraq. As someone who has many jewish friends and thinks youve been through enough. I thinks its safe to say islam only wants to kill every last American and Israeli. Its a fight to the death. The world will be all islam or no muslim who is left alive. Most Americans finally realize this, so please dont lose your moral courage now. We have been fighting too hard and too long to give in.

Tecumseh35, Sunday, March 6th

I just wrote a custom research paper on this topic, so as far as I know Zionism is primarily a nationalist or national liberation Jewish political movement that, in its broadest sense, has supported the self-determination of the Jewish people in a sovereign Jewish national homeland. Since the establishment of the State of Israel, the Zionist movement continues primarily to advocate on behalf of the Jewish state and address threats to its continued existence and security.

Custom research paper, Saturday, January 15th

Don't be deceived Isirael by ANY NATION OR SOOTHSAYER!!!! G-d is still in control,Call upon Him ! Check out your history,What did he do for King David in psalm 51.For Mose and to Arabham ?Peace Brother and Sister onlt in G-d

, Friday, October 22nd

Sorry, Ami is it is not going to happen.

Not with the way the Arab mind is today.

If the Arabs processed thoughts like Jews and Westerners do, peace would have been achieved long ago.

The fact they think very differently makes it impossible to imagine peace being attained in our generation. The Arabs do not see peace as the only option. They see in fact the destruction of Israel as attainable and they will wait however long it takes them to obtain victory over the Jews.

That is why they reject a meeting of the minds with the Jews. If the Arabs were like every one else, there would be no conflict.

There is one because their views are very different from the one held by Israeli Jews and Westerners. Peace is not all a need for them. Jihad and violence has since the last century been their only means of getting the impossible.

That is the difference between how Jews and Arabs view the world and in our lifetime, the twain shall never meet.

, Wednesday, September 15th

Abbas says that he is ready for peace even if the condition of it will be painful for palestinian side, but i think both sides perfectly understand that this peace is not for long...

[email protected], Thursday, September 9th

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