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Map of Ottoman Levant (Land of Israel, Palestine)†

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Map of Ottoman Levant (Land of Israel, Palestine, 1860s)

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Map of Palestine - Land of Israel, 1845
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The Ottoman empire did not recognize "Palestine" or "Syria" as separate unitary entities. Rather, it arbitrary divided the lands of the Levant into Provinces, governorates districts (Sanjak) and sub-districts (Kaza). This is one division, in effect for a few years between 1864 and 1871. Note that Jerusalem was a separate "Mutassariflik." "Wilayah" is variously rendered as Vilayet, Elayet and Wilayet. It means, the area governed by a Wali or governor.

The map was adapted and translated by permission from Kimmerling, Baruch, and Joel S. Migdal, "Palestinim, Am Behivatsrut," Keter Publishing, ISBN: 965-07-0797-2

Compare with Ottoman Palestine territorial divisions, 1914

Ottoman Palestine (Levant)

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