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Site Map - Zionism and Israel Information Center

Zionism and Israel Center Web site at a glance

Most of the material on this site-map page is not really organized for use by human beings, but rather it is intended for the benefit of search engine spiders.

The Zionism and Israel Information Web site is organized into a number of portals or sub-sections that branch off from major "portal" pages.

Some of the major sections are:

Zionism and Israel Information Center - Main Page - Links to all the major sections and to many of the articles at this Web site.

History of Zionism and the Creation of Israel - A history of Zionism and its role in the creation of Israel, with links to a timeline, maps photos and detailed historical articles.

History of Zionism and Israel Source Documents - Links to source documents at this Web site and other Web sites, each with an introduction.

General Resources on the History of Israel, Zionism and the Jews - A portal page to many of the important historical articles and resources.

Inteligence: Israel Pre-State Intelligence Timeline | Israel Intelligence Timeline - 1948-1956 | Israel Intelligence Timeline 1956-1960 | Israel Intelligence Timeline 1961-1967 | Israel Intelligence Timeline 1968-1973 | Israel Intelligence Timeline 1974-1982 | Israel Intelligence Timeline 1983-1991 | Israel Intelligence Timeline 1992-present 

Maps of Israel - Main Page  - Maps of Israel and Jerusalem, including wars, borders, partitions, peace plans etc.

Zionism and Israel - Issues and Answers - A collection of papers that address issues raised by anti-Zionists and examine historical claims.

WUJS HANDBOOK ONLINE - An online version of the WUJS handbook of Israel advocacy.

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs FAQ on Israeli Policy and Israel

The_Question_of_Palestine - The Question of Palestine at the UN - Systematic delegitimation of a UN member state.

Judaica  Hannukah Passover  Purim Mezuzah Shofar Tallit Tefillin

Main Zionism Boycotts Page - A collection of articles on boycott and divestment initiatives.

Israel Advocacy Handbook - Making the Case for Israel - The Case for Israel, Introduction , Concepts & Definitions, Basics, Audience, Forming Opinions, Narratives and Issues, Language, Applying the Basics, Techniques & Tactics, Grass Roots Activism, Cooperation, Using the Web, Proactive Advocacy, Anti-Israel Narrative, Zionist Narrative, Web Use Guide, Grass Roots Guide

Download the Israel Advocacy handbook as a PDF File

Anti-Semitism - A collection of materials about  Pogroms and  Jew hate /P> Zionists

Zionism and Israel: Judeophobia ('Anti-Semitism') - A History and Analysis of Jew Hate - A complete online course in the history of  anti-Semitism.

The Old Testament Bible  - The Old Testament is the lynch-pin of Zionist legitimacy as well as the mainstay of Western culture and of Jewish national existence. It is accepted by all three faiths. Nobody seriously contests the main points of its historic truth - that the land of Israel is the historic ancient homeland of the Jewish people, and Jerusalem has been our capital city since ancient times. We present the King James version of the bible with some commentary appended.


Bible Quotes

Zen & Understanding the Middle East - A Handbook of Fallacies, applied especially to the Middle East, including Michael LaBossiere's Fallacy Recognition Handbook

History of anti-Zionism An explanation and history of anti-Zionism in several articles.

Index of Zionism and Israel Online Biography  - A growing section containing biographies of Israeli and Zionist leaders.

Encyclopedic Dictionary and Glossary of Zionism, Israel, Middle East and Jewish History As the title indicates, a growing reference source. Dictionary Site Map

Christian Zionism - A section devoted to Christian Zionism - history and controversies.

Definitions of Zionism  - A mini section devoted to definitions of Zionism.

Collective Punishment - Qassam Rockets Kill and Maim - A mini-section devoted to the Palestinians home-made terror rockets and their victims.

Qassam Rocket Statistics - 2006

Qassam Rocket Statistics Summary to January 2008

Qassam Rocket Statistics and Background to January 2008


Palestinian Terror - Chronologies and statistics of terror victims in different periods.

Some articles by Carlos:

Zionism = Nazism?

Jews as Nazis

Apartheid Israel and Jimmy Carter

Jerusalem Al-Quds, Holy City of Islam (Essay & graphic)

Albert Einstein Project

About Albert Einstein

 Albert Einstein - Biography

 Albert Einstein and Zionism

 Was Albert Einstein a Zionist? -

Albert Einstein Quotes

 God Religion and Albert Einstein

 Albert Einstein on Prayer and Religion


By Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein on Anti-Semitism and the Jews

Albert Einstein: Science and Religion

Albert Einstein: About Zionism (excerpts)

Albert Einstein & Sigmund Freud: Why War?

Albert Einstein: Why Socialism?

Albert Einstein: The Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies (Special Relativity)

Albert Einstein: Does the Inertia of a Body Depend on Its Energy Content? (Mass-Energy Equivalence)

Albert Einstein: Ether and Relativity theory

Albert Einstein: Geometry and Experience

Albert Einstein: Relativity: The Special and General Theory


Please sign our petition for Fair Play for Israel at the UN Today 

 Petici?n Trato justo para Israel en las Naciones Unidas

Petitie voor een gelijke behandeling van Isra?l in de Verenigde Naties

Justice pour Isra?l aux Nations Unies 

Ïåòèöèÿ «Çà ÷åñòíîå îòíîøåíèå ê Èçðàèëþ â ÎÎÍ»

Petizione per il trattamento giusto dell'Israele alle Nazioni Unite

News and Opinion (including your opinion!)


E-Zion - The Zionism and Israel Viewpoints Online Magazine  and  e -Zion - Zionism & Israel previous articles Vol I  and Zionism & Israel previous articles Vol II

Latest Israel News - Our News  Log

Zionism and Israel News

ZioNation - Zionism-Israel Web Log - Our Web log, which more or less supersedes the News and e-zine sections. You are welcome to comment on current content there.

IMO (Isra?l & Midden-Oosten) Blog - A Dutch and English language blog of progressive Zionist opinion on issues relating to Europe and the Middle East.

Zionism and Israel Forum - The place for your opinions, interesting articles that you want to bring to people's attention and activist campaigns.

Foreign Language articles about Zionism - Dutch, French, Spanish and Chinese

Russian - Ðóññêî - Articles in Russian

Some Key articles and pages

Zionism and its Impact Zionist Quotes - Real quotes from actual Zionists - and the story behind fake "Zionist quotes."

A Criminal Amalgam: The Limits of Anti-Zionism - European Critique of anti-Zionist extremists.

Why I am so Angry -The forgotten Refugees - Jewish refugees from Arab countries should have rights too.

Zionism on the Web - Explains why we made this site and what you you can do to help.

Be Proud - presenting Zionism  - A brief overview of what to say - and what not to say - in presenting Zionism.

John L. Strawson: Why I am against the Boycott of Israeli Universities  Palestinian advocate Strawson explains that Zionism is a national movement as good or as bad as any other. Anti-Zionism, he writes, is very close to anti-Semitism.

Zionism and Race - Progressive Fred Foldvary examines the "Zionism is Racism" issue.

Zionism and Israel Links 

Zionism for the Ages - Israel Bonan and Rami Mangoubi examine the claims of anti-Zionist Sephardi Jews about life in the old country for Arab Jews and their relation to Israel and Zionism

Altneuland Herzl's Zionist Utopia - online. 

The Jewish State  - Herzl's Zionist Program - Online

Daniel Deronda - George Eliot's Zionist Novel

e-Zion News

 Israel News headlines  - News aggregator for our Web logs


New Articles
Discussion of Articles at ZIIC
Antisemitism and Racism
Occupation Terror and Peace
Human Rights in The Middle East
Israeli disengagement
 Best and worst of the Web
General News

Arabic Materials

Zionism and Israel Online Biography

Index of Zionism and Israel Online Biography   Aaron Aaronsohn Sarah Aaronsohn  Shaul Avigur  Rabbi Yehudah Alkalai Azzam Azzam   Ehud Barak  Mehereta Baruch  Menachem Begin   Eliezer Ben Yehuda   Ber Borochov     David Ben-Gurion  Chaim Nachman Bialik  Moshe Dayan   Levi Eshkol Avshalom Feinberg   Aaron David (A.D.) Gordon   Achad Haam   Yehuda Halevi   Theodor Herzl   Moses Hess   Ze'ev (Valdimir) Jabotinsky  Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Kalischer (Kalisher) Biography - Moshe Katsav Ismail Khaldi  Golda Meir LaVon Mercer   Biography Benjamin Netanyahu. Max Nordau (Simon Maximillian Nordau)   Ehud Olmert  Shimon Peres  Amir Peretz   Yitzhak Ben-Aharon   Leon Pinsker  Yitzhak Rabin   Arthur Ruppin  Biography Yitzhak Shamir     Moshe Sharett   Ariel Sharon  Nachman Syrkin  Joseph Trumpeldor  Chaim Weizmann  Orde Charles Wingate Yitzhak Ben Zvi (Izhak Ben Tzvi) President of Israel * Yitzhak Navon (Izhak Navon) President of Israel  Yehoshua Hankin Henrietta Szold  Hannah Senesh  Enzo Sereni  Haviva Reik (Chaviva Reich) Manya Shochat (Mania Sho'hat)



Maps of Israel - Main Page

Maps of Ancient Israel

Map of Canaan (Israel in the time of Joshua (Black and White)
Map of ancient Canaan (Palestine) after the Conquest by the Israelites
Palestine (Israel, Canaan) in the Time of the Judges
Map of Israel (Canaan) in the reigns of Kings David and Solomon (Black and White)
Map of Judah (Judea) in the Divided Kingdom
Map of the Roman Province of Judea

Map: Ottoman Levant -  1860s (Map: Ottoman Palestine - 1860s)

Maps of Modern Israel

Map of Israel: Detailed Roadmap of Israel and the occupied territories
Maps of Israel showing distances to borders and comparative size  
Map of Jewish Settlement in Israel (Palestine) 700 -1099 (Arab rule) Jerusalem Map Map of Jerusalem Ancient map of Jerusalem

Map of Palestine - Land of Israel, 1845

Maps of Jerusalem

Map of Jerusalem drawn about 1200
Map of Jerusalem -  World with Jerusalem at the Center - 1581
Map of Jerusalem - Cook's Tours Map of Jerusalem 1924

Maps of Israel Wars

Maps of Israel War of Independence

Israel War of Independence - Map of the Arab Invasion 
Israel War of Independence - Map of Battles of October 1948.
Israel Map - War of Independence Map of operation Ayin (conquest of Gaza).

Maps of Suez (Sinai) Campaign 1956

Israel - Map of Suez Campaign 1956- Initial Stages
Israel - Map of Suez Campaign 1956- Final Stages

Map of Six Day War 1967

Map of Israeli Conquest of Jerusalem, June 5-7, 1967
Map of Egyptian Front Israel 6 Day War - June 5-6 
Map of Egyptian Front Israel 6 Day War - June 6-7 
Map of Jordanian Front in Israel 6-Day War 1967


Map of Yom Kippur War 1973

Egyptian Front- Map of Stage I of the Yom Kippur War in Sinai  
Egyptian Front Map - Overview of the Yom Kippur War in Sinai
Egyptian Front- Map of Stage II of the Yom Kippur War in Sinai  
Map of Operation Gazelle - Israel Crossing of Suez Canal in Yom Kippur War - (First Part)  
Map of Operation Gazelle - Israeli crossing of Suez in 1973 Yom Kippur War (Second Part)

Map of Yom Kippur War Syrian Front Initial Phase 
Map of Yom Kippur War Syrian Front Final Phase
Yom Kippur War Overview Map of Syrian Front

Maps of Security Fence and Peace Negotiations

Maps of Security Fence

Map of Israel Security Fence/Barrier According to IDF (1000K)
Map of Israel Security Fence/Barrier According to Betselem (300K)

Detail Maps of the Security Fence

Israel Security Fence - Detail Map - Northern Section   
Israel Security Fence - Detail Map - Qalqilia Section 
Israel Security Fence - Detail Map - Jerusalem Section  
Israel Security Fence - Detail Map - Southern Section

Map of Palestinian State proposed by President Clinton in December 2000 and accepted by Israel

Map of Hezbollah Terrorist Rocket Attacks

Map of Israeli Operations in South Lebanon

Map of areas bombed in Beirut

 Zionism and Israel: Contemporary Anti-Zionism

Zionism - The God that Did Not Fail

Land of Israel-Palestine 1912-Photo Exhibit   Tiberias - 1862 Tiberias - Jewish Family 1893

Bible Site map

Zionism Documents and History Site Map News and Issues x

External Zionism Links

This site provides resources about Zionism and Israeli history, including links to source documents. We are not responsible for the information content of these sites.

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Sister sites  http://zionism.netfirms.com Zionism Pages  and Zionism and Israel On the Web

Friends and informative sites:

Zionism - Definition and Brief History - A balanced article that covers the definitions and history of Zionism as well as opposition to Zionism and criticisms by Arabs,  Jewish anti-Zionists.

Labor Zionism - Early History and Critique- Contribution of Labor Zionism to the creation of the Jewish state, and problems of Labor Zionism in a changing reality.

Israel Advocacy handbook

La Biblioth?que Proche Orientale- Le Grand Mufti Husseini

The Grand Mufti Haj Amin El Husseini

Israel-Palestina - (Dutch) Middle East Conflict, Israel, Palestine,Zionism... Isra?l-Palestina Informatie -gids Isra?l, Palestijnen en Midden-Oosten conflict... Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a European perspective - Dutch and English.

English - Israel-Palestine.info Guide to the Middle East Conflict (Peace, Zionism, anti-Semitism ...)

Zionisme - israelinformatie- Zionisme Israel/Jodendom Israelisch-Palestijns Conflict Anti-Semitisme Shoa - a Dutch Web site with many useful Jewish, Zionism and Israel links (in English too).

Pnews - Progressive Views on Zionism Israel Jews & Anti-Semitism


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