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Lebanese Hezbollah War Crimes
Hezbollah Rockets hit Israeli Hospitals

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Hezbollah Rockets hit Israeli Hospitals

Collective Punishment: The Qassam Victims of Sderot Map of Hezbollah Terrorist Rocket Attacks - July 2006

Click to Download a Slide Show that Documents the Hezbollah Rocket Attack on a Hospital


Lebanese Hezbollah War Crimes
Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists have launched rockets that hit Israeli hospitals at least twice during the current conflict. The first hit was at Rebecca Sieff Hospital in Safed. The second hit was at Western Galilee hospital in Nahariya.

War Crime: Rocket attack on Hospital by Hezbollah terrorists

Are the terrorists trying to hit the hospital? A map of rocket hits shows a concentration of hits around the hospital area. The attached slide show documents the terrorist attack on a hospital.

Intentionally destroying civilian targets is a war crime. Attacking hospitals at random is a war crime.

Nobody was harmed in the attack because patients had been moved to secure areas of the hospital. Israel does not use civilian lives as shields or public relations gimmicks.

Story here - The real victims

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